Bulk Chemical Filtration

Bulk Chemical Filtration: Formaldehyde Process


  • • In filtration in chemical manufacturing, there are two important concerns to manufacturers:

  • • Protecting expensive equipment from fouling, erosion and corrosion

  • • Producing high clarity products to meet customer’s specification.  Cleanliness can be a strong selling point for chemical producers.


Formaldehyde Process:


  • • protect the heater, reactor, absorber, and the distillation column

  • • heat exchanger should be protected from entrained catalyst fines

  • • final product itself is usually inspected for clarity

  • • contaminant paraformaldehyde may precipitate during colder weather (below 60˚F) forming a yellow haze 


Recommended Products:

FSH  10um



Bulk Chemical Processing, Formaldehyde, Sulfuric Acid


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