The Process


Raw water is used to produce de-mineralised water as boiler feed water to generate steam. The purity of the water depends on the filtration efficiency of the filtration and ion exchange system. Steam generated can be used for export or to power turbines to generate electricity.


Since the condensate is at a higher temperature as compared to the feed, it is usually recycled to minimise feed top up and energy costs. To maintain the high quality of the condensate, it is usually filtered to remove all possible contaminants. On top of that, various filters can also be used for natural gas / diesel / lube oil filtration to protect plant equipment from wear and tear.


The Problem


Solid contaminants in the feed water cause many problems including:


  • • Fouling – results in clogging of membrane surface, reducing removal efficiency, throughput volume and operation time. Increases maintenance cost for cleaning.

  • • Equipment damage - Particles in the steam will damage the turbine.


Products Suitable For This Application

Cogeneration Application Guide
 Feature-Tec Filter Product Applied toDescription
 SAFT/SAS/Sand Filter Raw Water Filtration  Automatic, self cleaning filter. Removes coarse, solid particles to extend the operation time of downstream filters.
Cartridge Filter
 Condensate Filter

 Depth filters like cartridge filters removes corrosion particles to protect the downstream polisher.

 High dirt holding capacity or high flow rate types available. 

Metal cartridgesSteamProtect turbine from corrosion particles


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